FeM VeNom PheNoM (alexisnicole) wrote in megawatt,
FeM VeNom PheNoM

groupies, grand haven chicks, the old summer crew!!!!!! ATTN:


I feel like I don't know any of you anymore and I hate that. I check my friends list and instead of being part of the story, it's as if I'm reading the lives of complete strangers. I don't know what happened but I don't like it. I always complain but never make an effort. Somebody smack our heads together and make things like the summer again. Fuck winter, fuck work, fuck boyfriends. Did somebody say motherfucking sisterhood?!? I'm sick of this. I could have everything I wanted and still be unhappy because I feel so disconnected from my friends who have always been there. I love you guys. somebody do something. anything. this is bullshit. heeeeeeeeeelp.
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